Parrot – Akustikkonzert im PZ

Musik, Konzert & Party
Donnerstag, 30.Mai 2019
20:00 - 22:00
Suermondtplatz 12
52062 Aachen
Deutsch, Englisch

Die Akustikband De Parrot hatte bei einem Akustikwettbewerb in Tillburg eine brilliante Aufführung, welcher der Beginn ihrer musikalischen Laufbahn wurde. Seither touren sie durch die Welt, und wir freuen uns ganz besonders über ihre wundervoll berührende Musik.


Kommt vorbei und schaut selbst!



Born in Liège in 2008, De Parrot is a band dedicated to the memory of two beautiful people, Aldo (Boddah’s drummer) and his girlfriend Sofia, gone too soon because of a tragic accident.
Created by Fabio,(Aldo’s brother) and Samuel (Aldo’s best friend), the acoustic duet had a brilliant performance at an acoustic contest in Tilburg (NL), their second gig was in Rome (IT).
Fabio and Samuel performed in most of the small clubs in the Liège area.

In 2010 the band recorded their first full album called “Live session”. The album was the follow-up of the first demo called “Witness”. Gil Chevigné recorded and mixed all the songs.
The band has already performed in some of the most important European capitals as Rome, Bruxelles, Amsterdam and London. De Parrot proposes progressive alternative rock music tinted of pure emotions. In the fall 2015, the most famous belgian metal-band, Channel Zero, picked up De Parrot as one of their support act for their ‘Unplugged Tour’.

In the beginning of 2016 the band start the recording of the new songs, once recorded in the LotuStudio (Liège) the songs were sent to the Long Beach Studio Longueil in Montreal (Canada) for the mixing and mastering, that was done by Pasquale Caruana. The new EP entitled GIFT has been released, on a card-usb format, on October 13th 2016.

Parrot – Akustikkonzert im PZ