IFEMA presentation

Vortrag & Infoveranstaltung
Mittwoch, 20.Oktober 2021
17:00 - 18:00
Hackländerstraße 5
52062 Aachen

Introductory presentation organized by IFEMA (International feminists in Aachen) as part of the critical introdiction weeks.

We will be giving an introduction to our group and activism.
We will also be analysing and discussing the topic of coercive control and why it’s a feminist issue.

The event will take place in the AZ Aachen (Hacklänerstraße 5). Please note that for the entry you will need a proof of a covid-19-vaccination, of a recovery from a covid-19-infection or of a negative PCR test.

Description of IFEMA:

We are a group that aims to engage and inform Internationals and English speakers in the socio-political conversations of Aachen. We meet weekly to discuss current global feminist issues whilst also partaking in activism within Aachen.

If you have questions feel free to contact the critical introduction weeks or IFEMA (ifemaachen@gmail.com) or send an e-mail to the critical introduction weeks at kew.ac@mailbox.org .

IFEMA presentation