UK: Corona virus, economic crisis and the Left‘s response

Vortrag & Infoveranstaltung
Mittwoch, 24.März 2021
19:00 - 21:00
English and German

The United Kingdom was hit heavily by the Coronavirus. The right-wing Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his administration refused any measures to contain the virus’ spreading until it was too late. Official records say that around 4.3 Million people across the entire UK have been infected since the beginning of the pandemic. The underfunded NHS was and still is unable to cope with the situation. This is part of the reason why the UK has among the highest number of casualties worldwide: More than 125.000 people died from Covid which results in a lethality rate of 3.5 percent.

But the Coronavirus is not the only threat for the working class in the UK. The GDP shrank by almost 10 percent over the course of last year. Unemployment numbers increased drastically while wages decline. Some Analysts even regard the current state of the economy as the biggest slump since the “Great Frost” of 1709 but it certainly is the biggest economic slump since World War Two.

Like Germany the British government has mobilized billions of pounds and tunneled them into the economy, mainly businesses and corporations. The people received barely any help – and where they did it was organized by social groups and unions or within their own neighbourhoods. Despite that it is clear the working class will have to pay for those billions spent instead of corporations, banks and the mega-rich.

This causes a great deal of anger among the people. There have been massive protests from teachers in recent weeks as well as against sexism and police brutality. But can this anger be channelled into a strong movement, capable to fight for actual improvements for the working class? How does the Left in the UK position itself?

We invited our comrade Joe Francis from Hull. He is a revolutionary socialist and trade union activist. He will tell us about the pandemic, the economic crisis as well as the response by the British Left. After that we will have enough time for any further discussions.

The Event is being held in both English and German, the presentation will be translated.

When: Wednesday, 24th May, 7 PM (CET)
Where: Online via Zoom

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UK: Corona virus, economic crisis and the Left‘s response